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Stubborn and Stupid are First Cousins

I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write about the rest of my week and weekend.

By Friday my foot was still hurting. It felt a little better, but still a lot of pain when walking barefoot. My wedges gave me relief, but that’s about it. I have also had some pretty bad shin pain for about two months. I chose to ignore it because I thought it was just shin splints. I told one of my running coaches about the pain and her immediate response was you need to see a doctor, you might have stress fractures. Um, what? I have a marathon to run in two weeks. I can’t have anything like that wrong with me…

Lucky for me my orthopedic doctor is a friend, too. I texted him and told him about my pain and about coming in. He told me he wanted to see me on Monday for x-rays and an MRI. He also invited me and my husband to swing by so that he could take a look at my issues. It’s pretty great having a doctor who makes himself available on a FRIDAY night to look at my injuries.

When we got there, he told me I should have told him about the pain a while ago. I told him that I am stubborn and I didn’t think it was a big deal. He gave me a quick overview and confirmed the x-rays and MRI on Monday. I asked him if I should skip my long run on Saturday and he told me that stubborn and stupid are first cousins. He is absolutely right. I needed someone to tell me to STOP. He told me I could ride or swim and that he would see me Monday.

I wasn’t as upset as I thought I would be. I think I am ignoring the fact that I have to go in tomorrow for an appointment. I have worked so hard to train for this marathon, I hope that I have good news, and not bad news. Doctor reminded me that my goal for the next year is Ironman Lake Placid so if missing this one race helps me heal, I have to let that happen.

Mark and I went to dinner at Alto Cinco. The best Mexican food I have ever had, not just in Syracuse, but anywhere! We started with chips and salsa and guacamole. Mark ordered his usual catfish burrito with a side salad and jalapeno corn bread. I ordered the chicken tostada. So much food but it was delicious.

Saturday started slow. We finally got out to ride in the afternoon. We rode about 34 miles around Chittenango and Cazenovia. I could tell I haven’t been on my bike in a long time. I was huffing up Chittenango Falls and some of the hills in Cazenovia.

Chittenango Falls
Me & Mark

We finished the night with dinner in Skaneateles at The Garage. Great food, worth the drive! Mark is out mountain biking and I just finished about 20 miles on the bike. It’s a beautiful day out! We plan to go out and enjoy the weather on the paddle boards later.

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