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Registration Transfered

I had an appointment with my orthopedic doctor yesterday. I love my doctor and his office. The appointments are always quick and efficient. I waited probably ten minutes and then was called for my appointment. Doctor did x-rays right away. There was nothing alarming on my tibia, but there was a little something (not sure the correct medical terminology) on my foot. He recommended getting a bone scan. I have an appointment on Thursday for the bone scan with a follow up next Friday.

I guess stress fractures don’t always show up on an x-ray. As much as I don’t want anything to be wrong, I want to know why both areas still hurt. I can’t even run down the stairs because my shin flares up and I can’t walk barefoot without scrunching my foot so that it doesn’t hurt.

I forgot to ask my doctor during my appointment about running the marathon. I contacted him and he told me that I should bail on the marathon, it’s not worth it, and that Lake Placid is my goal. I already know I can run a marathon, so it’s not that big of a deal. I also consulted with my coach. We had a great phone conversation and it took my mind off missing the marathon and getting ready for our training for the next year of racing! I am really looking forward to starting with him. I might even start earlier than November since I won’t be recovering from a marathon. I will make that decision soon.

I was lucky that the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon allowed registration transfers. I posted that my entry was for sale and within a few hours, I had a bunch of hits. The race is sold out so that helped. I sold my entry to a nice girl. It was a “real” transfer. The person who bought my entry will be registered as herself, not me!

I am sure I will be a little bummed on October 12, but lucky for me, I can now attend my friend’s wedding so that should distract me!

I biked on Sunday with two of my friends. We just rode a flat route. We averaged about 17 MPH and got almost 20 miles in. On Monday I went on a ride by myself (Mark had to rush out of town for a work emergency). I did the same route. Our weather has been amazing. No humidity, it makes workouts so much better!

After Ride Selfie!

After work today I headed to one of our area pools with my friend Cara. No one ever utilizes this pool so it was empty at 5:15 p.m.! It isn’t in the greatest area of town, but we survived! I haven’t done a pool workout since before triathlon season started. We did some kicking, pulling, used hand paddles, and some sprints. Cara had to leave early so I stayed and just did some easy swimming.

Welcome Back to the Pool!

After the pool I headed to good old Wegmans. I was starving, even after housing a banana after the swim. I got a few small scoops of different salads, wolfed those down and bought a few necessities for baking!

I owe one of my students some chocolate chip muffins. I found a recipe on Pinterest that listed buttermilk as an ingredient. I feel that buttermilk always makes baked goods taste amazing!

Before Shot of the Chocolate Chip Muffins

My mom was my taste tester tonight! She said they were delicious. I don’t think I mentioned that I chose not to eat dessert until my marathon. Well, even though I am not running the marathon anymore, I am still going to stick to my no dessert challenge. We had a “pumpkin off” at work today. It involved baking and/or cooking with pumpkin. Most dishes were baked goods and I resisted! I forgot to take pictures, but I made a pumpkin bundt cake, you can check out the recipe here. I have made it 2.5 weeks, I can make it another 11 days, right?

Muffin with a Top!

Time for me to wrap those muffins up and get ready for bed!

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