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Tuesday Swim

Tuesday night was our triathlon endurance swim. I got there a little early so I get could get some extra yards in so I didn’t have to stay too long after. There was an “A” workout and a “B” workout. My group decided to do “A” for the yards, but we did some different interval times. The “A” workout had 3,200 yards. No matter how much extra I did I would be above 3,000 yards so I was happy! Always have 4,000 yards in the back of my mind… which will be starting sooner rather than later!

Swim 101415

Once again my Garmin lied! It said 3,225 yards instead of 3,300 yards. I thought I had finally figured out how to master the watch while kicking. John told me to add a few strokes when kicking. We usually use boards, so our arms don’t usually move. I took about 4-5 strokes while kicking. I felt like I was cheating as the stroke propelled me forward, I wasn’t just using my legs. My Garmin seemed to work but somehow it was off by 75 yards by the end. Oh well. Guess I need to buy the 920! Just kidding.


I was definitely in the pool longer than 55:51 but I stop the watch between every interval to make the yards as accurate as possible! There is always talking in the beginning, throughout, and at the end of the workout.


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