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Back Home… Bad Week of Working Out

As much as I love traveling I miss my routine when I am away! To get up to speed this is what went down the past week.


Wednesday: Exhausted. I couldn’t fathom doing anything other than sleeping.

Thursday: Nothing. Made dinner and didn’t feel like going to the pool.

Friday: Nothing. Went to a haunted hayride with Mark and friends.

Saturday: 35 mile bike ride. It was windy and exhausting. My butt was killing me. I wore triathlon shorts. Bad move.

Sunday: Nothing. Had a bad day.

Monday: 5:45 a.m. Computrainer class at the bike shop

Tuesday: 3,000 yard swim

Wednesday: Nothing.

What a serious lack of effort on my end! I have just been blah since I got home. I was in such a good groove before I went on vacation! I also have been trying to just relax and enjoy this time of no structure. I start my Ironman training on Monday, November 3. Then for 9 months I will be working my way towards my big old goal of Ironman Lake Placid.

I have been lazy. That’s really the truth. Oh well. Last week to be lazy!

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