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Ironman Training Day #11 – Last Day Home for 5 days!

Thursday rolled around fast. I had a lot to get done! Friday I was heading to California for a work conference. I was a little freaked out that I would be away from my bike, the pool and all my other workout related items.

I met Elyssa at the pool around 6:30 a.m. We had originally planned on 6:15 a.m. but I couldn’t get myself out of bed. I leveraged it to myself that the later we went, the less crowded the pool would be. Well, I was right, we didn’t have to wait for a lane. What I realized when I got inside was that I forgot my work clothes. I was so mad! Good thing I only live 10 minutes from the gym. I planned to shower and get ready and then change into my sweats and hurry home and throw my work clothes on.

The workout was only (I love how anything less than 4,000 yards seems like nothing) 3,150 yards. 300 warm up, 5×100, main set of 3×750 increasing the speed on each 750 and then a 100 cool down. We did make each 750 faster which was great! We average about a 1:38 – 1:39 pace. I always manage to lose count at some point but as long as I am straight swimming I can rely on my Garmin so that helps.

I showered and got ready fast. I threw on the clothes I wore to the gym and rushed home. If Mark was home I would have had him meet me but of course the day I do this he was traveling. Oh well. I won’t forget my clothes again! I just hope I don’t end up forgetting underwear or a bra next!

Thursday night I had a 1:30 minute progression ride to get through. I warmed up and then had to get through HR zones 1-4 with a cool down. I spent about 15 minutes in each zone, except for 4. I was in there for what felt like an eternity! What got me through the end of the workout was an e-mail I got while riding… I got chosen to be a Betty for 2015! I was so excited and suddenly found a burst of energy. I got off my bike around 8:15 p.m.

Mark picked up King David’s (remember, we are on a bad cooking kick) for me. I had a Greek chicken salad. I then was rushing around packing for my work conference. I hate packing! I always pack too much and feel like I forgot something. I made sure I had workout clothes for 5 days. My plan was to use the exercise bike at the gym and to lift, do agility stuff and dryland swim workouts. I was dreading it but I refused to not make it through 100 days of biking. I finally got done packing, set my alarm for 4:30 a.m. and tried to sleep!

I will write a separate post about being a Betty. I’ll leave you with this awesome sweaty picture of myself!



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