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Ironman Training Day #9 & #10

Oh Tuesday. Tuesday is turning out to be the longest swim of the week. I dragged myself out of bed and made it to the gym. It was still warm out at this point in the week so I wasn’t miserable dragging my butt into the cold pool.

I had 4,400 yards to get through. I started with a 200 straight swim. Then I worked on drills, for 6×200. I did a drill every other 25 yards. I used fins this time because I wanted to see if they helped me with the drills. I definitely think they did. That 1,200 yards went by pretty fast. My main set was a big ladder. 500 swim, 400 pull, 300 swim, 200 pull, 100 swim and back up the ladder. Then I had a 100 cool down.

For as long as the workout was I enjoyed it. I kept an average pace of 1:39. I was pretty happy with that. My Garmin freaked out with the drills so it calculated my yards wrong. Oh well! I need to upgrade to the 920 🙂

I keep saying I really need to get it together an prepare breakfast at work but I haven’t, yet. I went to Strong Hearts on the Hill and got oatmeal. It was really good. A little pasty and dry but great taste. A little pricey, I think I paid almost $8.00.


Tuesday night I had a 1:15 ride at 90 + cadence while being in HR zones 2-3. This wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t love Dexter so I started watching Breaking Bad again. I watched it on and off with my parents but want to finish the whole show. The first episodes gross me out (if you haven’t watched, someone gets melted by acid) so I just kept my head down. Just having something on while riding makes it go by much faster!

Wednesday morning was a 1:00 easy ride, cadence at 90 + and nothing above HR zone 2. Very easy spin per coach’s instructions.

After work I headed to the gym to get my lifting on. I really love lifting again. I feel my body is healed from it’s prior lifting injuries (Crossfit, I loved you, but you hurt me). I love feeling strong and feeling muscles grow.

After that workout I went to Target to get some travel sized items for my work conference. Why is is that I love buying small items? They are such a rip off but look so cute. Pathetic, I know. Mark is rolling his eyes as he reads this.


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