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Tuesday – Thursday Wrap Up

Oops. I failed again. It’s Sunday night and I am just sitting down to type a few posts up. Maybe it can be my New Year’s Resolution to be better at typing posts! I am sure I am forgetting things that happened during my workouts that I would like to remember or have you all know about.

While I am typing this up I am watching my Garmin be on the fritz. I only had one workout to download and it says there are like 25 from today. I think I need to dump all the data that is on my watch as all the data is on Garmin Connect. I’ll make sure to do that if it ever stops “transferring data.”

So back to Tuesday!

I dragged myself out of bed and got my ride in. It was only an hour at 90 + cadence. I was half asleep but I got it done. We had plans to go to dinner with Scott and Alyssa so I had to get it done, no putting it off until the evening! Work went by pretty fast. I always feel pretty energetic when I have worked out in the morning. After work Mark and I came home so that we would only have one car out. We headed back out and met up with Scott and Alyssa at Pascals at Drumlins. It’s one of my new favorite places to eat. It’s really good Italian food, more authentic than most places around the Syracuse area. Dinner was great! Towards the end I started to get really tired. I think I could have fallen asleep at the table no problem. The time was only about 8:00 p.m. Now I know what all the Ironman athletes talk about when not being able to stay awake or do “normal” people things at “normal” hours. Once we got home I barely washed my face and took off my earnings and was fast asleep. I slept all through the night and didn’t wake up until 7 a.m. That was a lot of sleep!

When Wednesday morning rolled around I realized I needed to get my butt on my bike, pray that we would be let out of work early (day before a holiday), or do my bike workout and strength workout at night. I took a risk and went with praying that we would get let out early. We haven’t been getting out of work early before holidays lately so I was pretty much expecting I screwed myself. I got lucky because pretty early into the workday we received an e-mail that we would be let out at 1:00 p.m. I was so happy to be out of there early and that I had plenty of time to get my workout done!

I hopped on my bike a little later in the afternoon. I had about 75 minutes to do. This ride was a cadence ride/test. The three main zones were 95-100 rpms, 100-105 rpms, and 105 + rpms. At first I was a little nervous I wouldn’t be able to get to the 105 +. Well I must have been on point because I had a great ride and hit every set of cadence levels! I was pretty proud of myself. I also didn’t have any issues with my butt moving up and down. That is something coach reminded me NOT to do. Little does he know that is one of my biggest peeves with people in cycling class or people riding outside. If your butt is moving up and down at a rapid speed, crank the damn tension or shift!

IMG_2603Mark wanted to go to the gym so I told him I would wait for him to do my strength workout. We headed to the gym a little later in the evening. Now that I have the workouts memorized I can move through them pretty quick. I also did the agility workouts that coach provided me with. Nothing memorable happened at the gym but Mark got bored and took some photos.

Mountain Climbers
Mark’s Selfie
Tricep Dips – I can barely do 5 unassisted!

Thursday I only had to ride. I slept in and then figured I would ride later as we weren’t eating until later in the afternoon! Before I rode I made my pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cake for dessert. When that was done I made my way downstairs to my bike. I had a 90 minute progression ride on tap for the day. I was primarily in zones 1-3. I think my legs are shot because I had a pretty hard time keeping my cadence up and my heart rate up. Somehow I managed to finish strong. I was definitely happy when I was done. I did some jump roping and jumping jacks after just to add a little more to my day.

Thanksgiving was just me and Mark, mom and dad, Olivia, and my grandpa. It was nice and low key! We ate around 3:30-4:00p.m. We hung around the rest of the night just lounging and watching TV — something we never do! We watched a lot of Lock Up, I love that show. I don’t know why. I was pretty tired so we headed to bed, thankful I had Friday off from work so that I could sleep in!

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