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Oops, it’s Thursday..

Somehow it’s already Thursday and I haven’t posted since Sunday. I have been pretty exhausted all week (what’s new) so the last thing I have wanted to do at night is get on my computer.

I’ll do a quick re-cap of my week.

Monday – only one workout! Who knew I would look forward to Monday so much. I had a moderate tempo ride on the schedule for 1:15. I warmed up for 10 in zone 1 and then had 2×25 min tempo’s with 5 minutes rest in between. Coach wanted me to shoot for upper zone 2-3 with 90 + rpms. I made it and ended with a 10 minute cool down. I might not do yoga that often but I use my Affirmats yoga mat for all my stretching!


Tuesday – Oh when is getting up so early going to be easier? I had a swim Tuesday morning and a ride Tuesday evening. My swim was longer intervals with paddles and a pull buoy! Total swim was 3,650 yards. One of the intervals was a 400, shooting for 5:55-6:05. I missed the interval by a few seconds and was pissed! I know there are a lot of things that could have happened but I wanted to hit the interval. My ride Tuesday night was just an easy 60 minute ride with 90 + rpms. I would say I was closer to 100 rpms for the duration of the ride. It felt nice and easy but solid. Random but new favorite snack is avocado with salt and pepper slathered on crackers. SO GOOD.


Wednesday – I did not want to get up and ride. I was delirious. My ride was a high cadence ride. 15 minute warmup, 15 min @ 95-100 rpms, 2 min rest, 15 min @ 100-105 rpms, 2 min rest, 15 min @ 105 + rpms, 10 minute cool down. The hardest part was the 105 +. I managed to hang on around 106 which was good, I guess! Wednesday evening was strength training and agility. The gym was pretty quiet as everyone was afraid to brave the snow we got. Somehow even though we all know it snows here, Syracuse falls apart when we get a storm. I also have a confession, today I took a quick nap in my office! It wasn’t good sleep but I was worn out. I yawned when I was at the gym lifting so it didn’t help me that much.


Thursday – Early morning swim! I left the house a little before 6:15 a.m. anticipating crappy roads. I got there and was in the pool before 6:30 a.m. There were only a few people in the pool. A little while later I was the only one! I LOVED being the only one. It was nice. I had 3,700 yards on the schedule. It was a rough 3,700 yards. My 200’s were supposed to be on 2:55, my 150’s on 2:10, and the 100’s on 1:23. I must be super exhausted and/or sore from lifting because I was struggling to even come close to the intervals. I was pissed. I am pretty sure I cursed every time I saw the time on my watch. My watch was being a brat and not counting kicks (I need the Garmin 920) and messing up timing. I powered through and finished though. I know all my workouts aren’t going to be awesome. I texted my coach and he told me not to worry about it. I have a lot of workouts this week that are longer than they have been so far so that’s probably why I was hurting. Funny that on Tuesday my 100’s were on 1:25 and I wasn’t even breathing that heavy. Today I was right under 1:30 and DYING. Tonight I have a progression ride in zones 1-4 for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Nothing out of the ordinary so hopefully it doesn’t smoke me too bad tonight!

My Betty Designs order should be waiting for me to get home! I can’t wait to open it, fingers crossed the bathing suit fits and isn’t too tight.


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