Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Week 7 Summary

This was definitely a big week! I had a few really crappy workouts and a few really good ones.

Monday: Bike 1:35. This was supposed to be a moderate tempo ride. It started off fine and then got really ugly! I had a 10 minute warmup and then 4×15 minute sets. Most of the sets were between zone 2-3 and 3-4. I could barely get into zone 3 and I was KILLING myself. I can’t tell you how many different things I tried to do to get my heart rate to go up. Also, coach wants the RPMs at 90 or above so that throws a curve into getting everything to go right. I was swearing and cursing on the last 15 minute interval. It was supposed to be all in zone 4. I had a pity party and said f* it and just stayed where I could. I finished the workout and immediately texted my coach. We had a phone conversation later in the evening. First he asked me if I had punched anyone yet so that made me lighten up a little. He told me there could have been a variety of issues but one of the big ones could be I am becoming fitter so my heart rate zones might need some adjusting. He planned to throw in a heart rate test the following week.

Tuesday: Bike 1:00 and Swim 3,700 yards.

Wednesday: Bike 1:25. High cadence ride. This ride went a lot better than Monday! I always feel like I won’t be able to get to 105+ but somehow I do. I really look forward to when I can be in a more difficult gear hitting those high cadence numbers. I know I am a lot stronger than I have ever been but I can’t wait to be even stronger!

Thursday: Swim 3,950 yards. This was a big one! When I looked at it I groaned. 200’s @ 70.3 race pace. I had  a warmup and some drills but the main set was 14×200. Coach wanted the intervals between 3:07-3:11. I am happy to say my slowest was 3:06 and my fastest was 2:59! The workout was mentally challenging. Counting to 14 was so long. I was proud that I crushed his times for me 🙂 Bike 1:15. This was a progressions ride. Nothing awful, better than Monday.

Friday: Bike 1:00 easy. Run 40 minutes. Run went well. We had our office Christmas party and I ate a little heavy at lunch so that got me during the run so I had to make a quick stop to the bathroom. I did not miss that about running. Planning my routes so I knew there was a bathroom close by… just in case I had an issue.

Saturday: Bike 2:20. Longest ride in this training cycle so far! Not much to say other than long, zone 2-3 (3 was hard to get to. Really hoping my HR test changes my numbers around), mentally exhausting, boring… ha!

Sunday: Bike 1:00 easy. Swim 2,200 yards. I actually met with my coach at a different pool for my swim workout. It was a 50 meter pool. I am used to a 25 yard pool. I think my swim in meters was 2,600 meters. I am not sure what my actual time was but coach said it was faster than last week so that’s always a good thing. It was nice to see him and swim with him. I only got lapped twice. I think! I also got my team kit, excited to have some more cycling and triathlon clothes. I get more excited about athletic wear than normal clothes.

Swim: 10,450 (ish) yards

Bike: 9.5 hours

Run: 40 minutes

Strength: I was bad and only did a little this week ~ 45 minutes.

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