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-11* and a long swim

I knew Monday night that I needed to get all of my stuff packed for the pool Tuesday morning. I also knew it was the coldest day all week with the high being 6 and the low being something insane with the windchill. I am lucky that I park in the garage so I would only freeze from the car to the gym and then the gym to my car.

I actually had a good night of sleep and woke up without hating life too much. I made it to the gym ahead of schedule and was actually in the pool by 6:23 a.m. I had 4,000 yards on the schedule today. I was not looking forward to swimming as I was still mentally pissed at myself for the crappy end of the week I had last week.

I got in the pool and realized that the pool was way too warm. I HATE THE YMCA POOL. I also realized that it was crystal clear. Something that nasty pool never is. As soon as I got my first mouthful I knew they had shocked the pool. It was awesome. I wonder how much of the chemicals I ingested this morning? I started with a 500 warmup. Then I had some 150s, 200s, and some intervals with the pull buoy. The timed part of the workout surprised me. I thought I was going to suck but I didn’t! I had 2×300 on 4:40-4:47. Well I crushed that with 4:35 and then 4:36. My 2×200 were supposed to be 3:07 or less. I did them in 2:58 and 3:01. BOOM. It felt awesome. The swim felt like forever but I was proud for working hard and seeing good results.

I packed my Nutribullet so that I could make a smoothie at work for breakfast. I am determined to quit wasting money on buying food out during the work week. I packed frozen bananas, almond milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, and plain Greek yogurt. I had peanut butter at work so I didn’t need to bring that.

2015-01-13 08.47.14

The smoothie was great! It was nice to have something like that at work. I’ll definitely be bringing the Nutribullet more often. My mouth still tasted like chlorine after I ate. Gross.

I had an easy 60 minute ride on the schedule for this evening. I got on my bike as soon as I could when I got home from work so that I would have time to get some things done after my workout. My ride was uneventful. It was really sweaty though. I told Matt I must have been channeling him as he sweats a ton.

2015-01-13 18.36.26

At about 45 minutes into my ride I started to get ravenous. Like I could have eaten ANYTHING at that point. I had two Bonk Breakers in my fuel stash so I grabbed one and stuffed it in my mouth. I hesitated because I remember having one and not liking it. I either had a bad experience with them at one point or I was so hungry it tasted good. I think they actually taste good! I had the peanut butter jelly one. I’ll definitely try them again. I should get used to them as that’s what Ironman uses on course.

2015-01-13 19.01.38

Now I making blueberry energy bites and watching Syracuse basketball have yet another tough game. I plan to catch on Revenge and get to bed a little early. I have an hour and a half ride in the morning. Ouch. At least it will be the middle of the week!

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