Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Week 10 Summary

This was quite the week. I think the fact that I made it 10 weeks before having a crappy one is pretty good. I don’t even think my crappy week had anything to do with the workouts or it being 1/3 hard weeks in a row.

So we put an offer in on the house that we liked. Perfect location, exactly where we want to be, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Granted, it is outdated but it has good bones and that’s all we care about at this point. We could stay in the house for a while or sell it later in life. There was no way we were going to lose money on the house, ever. On Monday the sellers countered our offer and then we countered them and they accepted the offer. Woo! It was more horrifying than scary, that’s for sure. Mark and I choked because we were terrified of this huge purchase. Could we afford the mortgage, bills, and taxes? Yes, but we are very frugal and we like looking at our bank account grow not be depleted. We stalled the inspection (I think our realtor wanted to wring our necks). By Wednesday morning we made the decision to go for it! Then it started to be a little more exciting. We scheduled the inspector to do a radon test on Thursday. He went and set the test and did a brief walk around of the house. He was going to do the real inspection Friday. Well, something had to be wrong. He immediately sent us an email and told us before we went any further with the sale we needed to have an electrician look at the wiring. The house was built in the 60’s when people used aluminum with a mix of copper which can lead to FIRE. Wonderful. We buy a house and it has the potential to burn down? No thanks. At that point I thought that the deal was done. We weren’t going to buy a house that had that kind is issue. Well our real estate agent told the sellers the issue and they are looking into resolving the problem. We told them they only way we would consider still buying the house was if the issue was corrected the RIGHT way. So, we’ll see. I am guessing they won’t and some moron will buy the house with the wiring issue. If they fix it I’ll be stunned! Mark and I had finally accepted the house and we could see ourselves there. I wish that the wiring wasn’t an issue.

My mind was on a roller coaster all week! I didn’t sleep well. I couldn’t really focus. My workouts were okay until Wednesday when I started to feel like I was getting sick. I wasn’t surprised. I knew that I was so stressed I left myself open to getting sick. I finally cracked on Thursday and told Matt I felt beat. He knew about the house thing and he said he was going to scale back my workouts for Friday-Sunday.

Another reason why having a coach works for me, if I didn’t have him, I would have just given up and quit on working out because I was so stressed about other life things.

Monday: Only one workout. Phew. I had 1:33 on the bike. Warm up, 2×15 and 2×17 in different zones with easy spins in the middle and an easy cool down. Not much to say.

Tuesday: 2,600 yards at lunch. Why do short? I got tortured with two 500 yard time trials. Last time I did them I did the first one in 7:25 and the second in 7:35. I was hoping to be less than 7:20 this time around. Well it didn’t go according to plan but I was still faster. I did the first one in 7:23 and the second in 7:33. Isn’t it funny how both times I was 10 seconds slower? Matt thought it would be faster but we placed some blame on my head being all over the place with the house stuff.  I had an easy 60 minute ride in the evening.

Wednesday: I lifted at lunch. I felt okay, not great but not at the bottom of the barrel. I had a tough cadence ride in the evening. Warm up for 10 minutes then 30 minutes at 95-100 RPMS, 5 minutes rest, 30 minutes at 100-105 RPMS and a 10 minute cool down. It wasn’t as awful as I expected. It still hurt but in a good way. This was probably my best workout all week!


Thursday: I was supposed to run 60 minutes today but that didn’t happen. All that ended up happening was my 60 minute easy ride. I hate feeling like crap.

Friday: Originally I had 2600 yards to swim but Matt told me to nix that. So instead I had a 60 minute run I was supposed to do. I headed to the gym during my lunch. I felt okay at first and then I started to feel like shit, major shit. I could barely make it to 30 without wanting to hit the stop button. I told myself that the Ironman is going to hurt a lot worse and that I had to at least make it to 40 minutes. I did, barely. I was so frustrated that I felt so crappy. After work I came home and did an hour easy ride. This felt a little better than the run so that was a positive. Matt also texted me during my ride and told me I was one good race away from being an All American in my age group for 2014. That pumped me up a little. Hoping I can achieve that in 2015.

Saturday: I was supposed to have a 2:30 ride today but Matt changed it to 1:30 and a run. I warmed up for 10 minutes and then rode in zones 2-3 for the next 1:20. I did not cool down and got right on the treadmill after the ride for 20 minutes. I felt really good for my first brick since August. My legs felt strong and mentally I felt solid. This was much better compared to my crappy run Friday.

Sunday: I was super lazy Sunday morning. I had a 60 minute easy ride and the super long workout that I was originally supposed to do or the 2,400 yard swim from Friday that I missed. I went with the 2.400 yard swim. I am still just a little tired and hope that I am refreshed beginning tomorrow morning. The swim was uneventful. I headed up to Syracuse University to swim. That pool instantly changes my mood. I love the light! I know I write that all the time but it’s that uplifting. I didn’t push myself that hard, my swim was a little slow but whatever. I did my ride later at night. Nothing exciting, just an easy hour. It didn’t such so that was promising!

Ironman Training Week 10 Totals:

Swim: 5,000 yards (yikes that seems like nothing)

Bike: 7.5 hours

Run: 60 minutes

Strength: 60 minutes (Matt told me I could give up the Saturday strength session)

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