Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Summary Week 11

Oops. Posting this a week late!

What a difference from week 10! I felt like I struggled through week 10 and I was pretty pissed at myself. Well I guess I was ready to kick some ass during week 11 because that I did. I had some of my best workouts physically and mentally. Again, I LOVE HAVING A COACH.

Monday: Always my favorite day of the week as I only have one workout so it’s kind of like a rest day. Less than a month to go and I actually will have real rest days. 1:29 ride in different heart rate zones.

Tuesday: Swim 4,000 yards and bike 60 minutes easy.

Wednesday: 1:25 on the bike. I was lazy Wednesday night and decided to push my lifting to Thursday after running.

Thursday: Easy 60 minute ride and a 65 minute run and lifting.

Friday: Easy swim, straight 2,500 yards. 90 minute ride. Matt said this was one of my best workouts yet!

Saturday: Longest ride in this training cycle was on the schedule for today. The ride was 2 hours and 40 minutes. That included a 15 minute warmup and cool down in zone 1. The 2:10 was ridden in zone 2-3. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I did start to fade towards the last 30 minutes but then the closer the end got I pushed it. I went through a ton of water, Nuun, and Powerbars and energy chews. I would say I ate enough! Still working on making sure I learn how to fuel as it’s a huge problem for me. I went to the gym and lifted after the ride. I am always exhausted but I woke up once I started lifting and got into a nice groove.

Sunday: I woke up not looking forward to having to ride and swim. Not an easy swim either. I decided that I wanted to go skiing with Mark since I never go anymore. We headed to Toggenburg and skied for about 2 hours. The snow was pretty decent as it was a tad warm out and there wasn’t a lot of ice as we’re accustomed to here in CNY. Once we got home I was lazy and then realized I needed to ride my bike so I could get to the pool before it closed at 7 p.m. I had an easy 60 minute ride. I felt blah the whole time and couldn’t wait to be done. I headed to the pool hoping it would be dead as it was a Sunday afternoon/evening and football was on. I got a lane right away. I was given intervals that added up to 4,400. I could do them in any order and rest as much as I needed to but I only had 70 minutes to complete as much as I could. I was really shooting for 4,400 but I knew it was going to be close. I used flippers, the pull buoy, and a kick board so it wasn’t just swimming. The pull always slows me down, as does the kick board but I feel like it does for everyone. I made it through 4,300 yards in 70:10. So close! I was still proud of myself. I am going to blame the child that proceeded to throw his flippers in my lane and jump in ON ME to get them on losing some time. I know I am not ready for children. I almost flipped my lid on the kid. He wasn’t a baby so he knew better. Where were his parents? Just a thought. Anyway I was so happy I did so well on the swim I couldn’t wait to text Matt, soaking wet and all. He said he was impressed so that ended my Sunday on a good note! My shoulders were/ are whooped. That is a good indicator I pushed myself, I would say.

Ironman Training Week 11 Totals

Swim: 13,300 yards < damn!

Bike: 10 hours

Run: 65 minutes

Strength: About 2 hours

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