Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Summary Week 12

My last hard week before an easier week. I felt pretty good going into this week minus some stomach issues I had later in the week. Body wise I felt great! Strong and determined, that’s for sure.

Monday: One workout Mondays! About 3 weeks and this will be my rest day. Hallelujah the end of riding every day is near. A nice tough workout to end the day. 1:35 of riding in different zones for different amounts of time.

Tuesday: I had a tough swim that I did at the SU pool during my break. It was 4,000 yards but I cut out 300 yards so that I could get back to work on time. I had 3 sets of 500 yards, 400 yards, and 300 yards. Each set the intervals got faster. I went out a little too fast on the first 500. I held on to the intervals until almost the end. It’s so hard to judge what is too fast and what is too slow. If I hadn’t gone out too hard I would have made every time interval, I know it! I had an easy 60 minute ride that I did when I got home. Nothing special to say about that!

Wednesday: Oops. I didn’t get up early to do my ride. I knew that meant I had to hurry home after work, ride, and then go to the gym to lift. Well, somehow I managed to do that. My ride was a high cadence ride. It went pretty well! I pushed myself harder than I ever have on the 95-100 rpms. I am so close to being able to shift into a harder gear for 100-105, so close! I hurried to the gym and got my lifting done. I was done with everything by 8:30 p.m. I headed to Panera after to get a salad and soup. I was ravenous and couldn’t wait to go home and cook something so Panera won.

Thursday: Easy 60 minute ride. I did this bright and early. Nothing exciting to report on the easy rides. I do love when Matt comments on the easy workouts because we both know there isn’t anything to say. I had 80 minutes for my run, on the dread… I mean treadmill. I know I could go outside at night but I get too nervous with it being so dark. My run went great until about 45 minutes in. My stomach starting acting up (I hate running) so I had to bolt to the bathroom twice. I finished the run, though, even with those issues. Mind over matter? I wasn’t dying so I refused to give up. After my run Mark and I headed to Wegmans. I got some food off their hot bar and I don’t think it settled well with me. Before we even left Wegmans I had to use the bathroom. Ugh! I felt off all night like I was going to be ill.

Friday: I woke up and tried to force myself to go to the pool but I still felt funny. I texted Matt and he told me to scrap the swim and just do an easy 60 minute ride. I originally had a 2,600 yard straight swim and 1:30 ride. I felt funny all day. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was dehydrated or really sick but I tried to drink a ton of water. I had a hair appointment after work and then I headed home to do my ride. It wasn’t bad. Can’t skip a bike workout when I am so close to 100 days in a row!

Saturday: I had 2:50 – 3:00 hours for my long ride. I, of course, chose to go to 3. What’s another 10 minutes when you have been on your bike for that long? I got up kind of early so that I could get my ride and lifting done. We had an early birthday party to go to in the afternoon. The ride went pretty well! I warmed up for 15 minutes. Stayed in zone 2 for 60 minutes, then zone 2-3 for 60 minutes and zone 3-4 for 30 minutes and ended with a 15 minute cool down. I really pushed myself during the last 30 minutes of zone 3-4. I was actually in zone 4 for most of the time. It hurt, but I held on and finished strong. I was proud of myself after that ride. I have never ridden that long inside. I never wanted to give up even thought I was hurting. After my ride I got changed and went to the gym to get my strength session in. I was pretty exhausted after lifting.

Sunday: Easy 60 minute ride. Nothing much to say except my bottom felt just wonderful (not). I was thinking everything would go numb with all of this riding but that definitely isn’t the case. I have learned to ignore the butt issues! Swim 3,500 yards with LOTS of paddle and pull buoy drills. He also threw in some timed 300’s, 200’s and 100’s. You would think the pool would be quiet on on a Sunday night. It began with too much circle swimming. Everyone was really nice, though and let me have my space. I was very glad a lane opened so that I could hammer out my timed 300’s, 200’s and 100’s. I made every interval (okay I was off by 1 second on one), and even crushed many of the intervals he gave me! BOTH 100’s WERE 1:21. Now that was an awesome feeling. My legs and arms felt like they were going to blow up but it felt so damn good to hit those intervals like a champ. Now, 1 week of easy workouts. I never thought these crazy 3 weeks would end.

Ironman Training Week 12 Totals:

Swim: 7,200 yards (should have been 9,800 yards, darn stomach)

Bike: 10 hours (should have been 10 hours and 30, ^)

Run: 80 minutes

Strength: About 2.5 hours

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