Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Summary Week 13

Hallelujah week 13 was a rest week. It was very nice to know I only had to ride an hour every day and that my long ride was only an hour and a half. That’s a breeze! I only had to swim twice and run once. I just know with an easy week like that my next 3 weeks are going to be tough!

Monday: 60 minute easy ride. Mondays are great as I only have one workout.

Tuesday: 60 minute easy ride. I was supposed to swim this morning but decided to move it to Wednesday knowing I would have to lift after my ride. Why do I do that to myself?

Wednesday: 60 minute easy ride. 3,000 yard swim. 60 minutes-ish lifting.

Thursday: 60 minute easy ride and 80 minute run. I always dread the run for fear that I am going to have stomach issues. This run went very well. I didn’t have any issues which is always a good thing!

Friday: Swim 3,000 yards and 60 minute easy ride.

Saturday: 1:30 easy ride. It’s funny, when the rides are “easy” they go by so slow. When I have an actual workouts (cadence, progression, etc.) they fly by.

Sunday: 60 minute easy ride. I did this after I went skiing at Toggenburg with Mark and his brothers. I was happy I didn’t have to swim. It would have been a good night to swim as I am sure the pool was empty due to the Superbowl.

Ironman Training Week 13 Totals:

Swim: 6,000 yards <- seems so short!

Bike 7.5 hours

Run: 80 minutes

Strength: 60 minutes

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