Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Week 14 Summary

Back to the grind. As much as I enjoyed my easy week I was looking forward to seeing what week 14 had in store for me.

Monday: 1:35 ride based on HR. I felt like I nailed this workout. It’s always a good feeling when you have a solid workout.

Tuesday: My lazy ass didn’t get up so I decided to do my 60 minute ride after work and then go to the gym and lift. That all went fine until my pool workout Wednesday morning…

Wednesday: 3,950 yards in the pool. Ouch. So I decided to lift Tuesday night and move my swim to Wednesday morning. STUPID on my part. I started a new phase of lifting heavier and did I feel that during my swim. I made one of my time intervals, yes, just one. I was pretty pissed at myself. Never again will I switch those workouts around. My arms wouldn’t move. I felt like I was swimming so fast but I kept getting slower and slower. My average pace was still around 1:32-1:33 but I felt like a brick! I had 1:40 minute progression ride. It was based on HR but I was supposed to keep my RPMs up, too. It went very well. At least one workout was solid for Wednesday.

Thursday: 60 minute easy A.M. ride. It took my legs a while to start moving. I felt very tight and sore. I felt a lot better about halfway through the ride. Run 1:20 on the dreadmill!

Friday: 2,600 yard swim. Just a straight swim. Still slowly building this straight swim up. Eventually I think I’ll be doing 4,400 yards. I remember when 2,500 yards used to sound hard. On the regular I am swimming almost 4,000 yards during each swim. I have come so freaking far! Easy 60 minute ride.

Saturday: 2:30 ride from zone 2-4. Transitioned to the treadmill for a 20 minute run. I felt great! My run was supposed to be around 8:30-8:40 but I pushed the pace closer to 8:00 towards the end. I headed to the gym soon after to get my lifting on.

Sunday: 60 minute easy ride and a 4,000 yard swim. Lots of paddle drills My shoulders were burning!

Ironman Week 14 Totals:

Swim: 10,550 yards

Bike: 9.75 hours

Run: 1 hour and 40 minutes

Strength: Almost 3 hours

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