Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Week 16 Summary

With my sickness behind me I was ready for a solid week of training! This is my last week before another rest week (unless Matt changes things around due to my sickness). I wanted to hit this week head on and own it.

Monday: 1:40 ride. I nailed this workout and felt like a superstar after it was over! I had a bunch of different intervals at different heart rates. Matt scheduled a HR test for my run and ride this week which was perfect timing. I might have nailed my workout but I was killing myself trying to get to the HR’s he wanted. I am looking forward to seeing if my HR zones go down again due to this body becoming more and more fit! I was supposed to lift but I decided to push it off to later in the week. I was pretty sore from lifting the day before.

Tuesday: Oops. Monday night after my killer ride I decided to lay in bed “just for a few minutes.” I should never have done that. I fell asleep at 8:30 ish and didn’t wake up until 7:00 a.m. Needless to say I missed my swim. Oops. So much for kicking this week’s ass. I told Matt and he told me I could do it on my scheduled rest day if it worked with my schedule. I did have a 85-90 minute run on the schedule that gave me anxiety all day. I did not want to run, let alone run on the treadmill for that long. Once I got to the gym and got on the treadmill I wasn’t hating the run as much as I anticipated. I had to hop off around the 60 minute mark to use the bathroom. Other than that the run went really well! Matt wanted me to run about :10 seconds faster per mile than last week. My average pace last week was 8:41 so I shot for 8:30 and towards the end really cranked the speed. I ended with 90 minutes and 10.46 miles! That run was ALL mental. My body was doing just fine but my head was the problem. I am just happy that I finished. I had some major chaffing where my HR strap is on my chest. My Body Glide didn’t help. A bunch of people on Instragram gave me some tips so I am going to give them a try.

Wednesday: I had a short 2,200 recovery swim to do. I got to the pool around 6:15 a.m. I had to wait a few minutes for a lane, the pool was so busy! All of these people are all of a sudden coming to swim. Go away! I have been coming at this time for months. Once I got a lane I jumped right in to tackle my easy, easy swim. I felt like a brick! My arms were sore, I was horrified when I saw 1:40 for my average pace. Matt did say to take it slow but I went a little too slow. He wanted 35 minutes, I ended up with 36:46 minutes. Damn! At least I swam and the time wasn’t that bad. I definitely took it easy, I knew that in the beginning. I swam harder at the end, that’s for sure. Since my swim was so short I actually just threw on my sweats and went home to get ready for work. For my evening workout I had a bike HR test. I don’t love the tests but I don’t hate them. It’s only 30 minutes of serious working time (not including warm up, warm down). The HR test went well — I wasn’t sure if my zones would go down or up. They stayed the same. Matt told me it was a good thing. I was able to hold a higher HR for longer. No zone changes means no new numbers to memorize 🙂

Thursday: REST DAY! I didn’t know what to do with myself. It was weird. I need to learn to enjoy these days and get other non-triathlon related crap done.

Friday: Run HR test. My HR strap is being a brat and kept moving up and down so it wasn’t too accurate towards the end of the 30 minutes. Now I have HR zones for my runs. I had an easy 60 minute ride Friday night. Nothing too exciting here!

Saturday: 3:00 ride and a 40 minute transition run. It actually went pretty darn well. These long days are all about mental strength. I know my legs can handle it. Does the ride get boring? Yes. Pandora starts to suck and staring at the wall is brutal. I am super pumped that my run is going so well off the bike. I usually creep my speed up. I have been running under 8:00 miles for part of my run and it feels awesome! I did get my lifting in on this day as well so that I didn’t have to do it Sunday!

Sunday: I had 4,000 yards for my Sunday swim. Lucky for me Matt was in town so I headed down to Colgate to swim with him. I love that pool. It’s so clean and beautiful. I wish it was a little closer to home so that I could swim there more often. It was great swimming with Matt. He pushed me and it felt awesome. My Garmin told me my average pace for 4,000 yards was right around 1:30 per 100 yards. Not bad, not bad. Matt and I grabbed some lunch after and had some good old triathlon (and normal) talk.

Ironman Training Week 16 Totals:

Swim: 6,200 yards. A little less since I missed a swim.

Bike: 6 ish hours. A little less this week due to the 30 minute HR test.

Run: 2.6 ish hours.

Strength: About 1.5 hours.

Looking at my totals makes me feel like I didn’t do anything but 2 workouts were really short due to the HR tests and I was a lazy bum and missed a big swim!

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