Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Week 17 Summary

I didn’t think that anyone read my blog but one of my Instagram friends asked me if I was still posting! That made me grab my computer and get to writing. Plus I should be writing more often so I have an accurate description of my workouts. I want to be able to read this after Ironman Lake Placid is over and remember certain things about training, the ups and downs, etc.

Week 17 was an awesome week. Matt said it was probably my best week so far. It was supposed to be a rest week for me but since Mark and I are going on vacation on March 12 we decided to just keep cranking out the hard stuff so that my vacation would be “kind of” a vacation.

With that being said (or typed 🙂 ) here is my week in review!

Monday: I had a 2:00 easy ride to use to recover from my big weekend of workouts. You would think that this ride would be awesome. That I could zone out and just ride easy at 90 + cadence… That definitely was not the case! It was brutal. I was out of my mind. I was bored and annoyed. I much rather have a 2:00 hard ride or have a ride with more structure. It was the longest 2:00 hours of my life, I swear! I kept standing up and grumbling. I made sure to let Matt know how much I hated the ride, too.

Tuesday: I had 4,050 yards for my Tuesday morning. No problem getting a lane which always makes it a better swim. The swim wasn’t too bad. I had some timed 150’s and had no problem hitting the intervals that Matt gave me. Actually, I was faster than the intervals he gave me. The rest of the workout was some long pulling, pulling with paddles, etc. Oof my shoulders were on fire! I did make sure I had some time to play with my GoPro. I still get a little embarrassed playing with it because I don’t want people to ask me what I am doing.  Tuesday night I had a BIG run. 1:40. On the treadmill since its still the arctic in Syracuse. I decided to run at home on the treadmill. I really think the gym is nasty, the air is gross, and its too hot. At least if I am home in my own space I am more comfortable plus the bathroom is close, if needed! The run went well! I was surprised at how I didn’t feel like garbage. I even managed to pull out a sub 8:00 pace during the last 40 minutes. That’s huge for me as I HATE running. Maybe I won’t hate it so much with the solid training plan I have from Matt. I ended up with 12.25 miles. That’s a new record for me for running on the treadmill. Is it spring yet?

Wednesday: 2,500 yard easy swim this morning. Nothing crazy. Elyssa did her workout that involved some time trials so I swam behind her which helped my boring swim go by a little faster. I was supposed to ride Wednesday night but Mark and I laid down at 7:30 and didn’t wake up until the next morning. Oops! Apparently I really needed the sleep.

Thursday: 60 minute fartlek run. It went really well! I liked this speed workout. I felt strong. I also realized it was 5 months until Ironman Lake Placid so I made Mark take a picture of me. I did the bike workout I was supposed to do Wednesday night Thursday night. It also went really well! I had a bunch of 12 minute intervals with different HR zones. The last one was zone 5 +. It took me a little bit of time to get there but once I did, I held it for the remaining minutes. I felt like a champ after that workout. Mark was downstairs when I was riding and was even impressed with my intensity. Once I was done we headed to the gym so that I could get my lifting in. This was a big day! I managed to get it all done.

Friday: This was supposed to be my rest day but I did a 60 minute easy ride that I was supposed to do Thursday. I asked Matt for Friday to be off because Mark and I had plans for Friday night. We had tickets to Joe Nichols. We love our country music!

Saturday: I was a little worried about how my legs were going to feel after standing so long at the concert. I guess that means I am officially a nutty Ironman in training. The ride went pretty well but I had to dig deep mentally. I usually die in the middle and then come alive again towards the end. I did the ride how Matt told me too, it was a tad slower than last week, but not by much. Understandable as I was whooped from the night before. I got right off the bike and hopped on the treadmill for a 40 minute ride. I managed to run under 8:00 for the majority of the run. I felt great so I just went with it. Matt said to keep it around 8:30-9:00 but I wanted to push it a little! Mark and I headed to the gym late in the day so that I could get my lifting done. I didn’t want to have to do it Sunday as I promised Mark I would go skiing with him. Lifting went well. My IT band has been acting up (like it usually does). I really notice it when I squat because I baby my left hip. I really like to look in the mirror when I squat so I can watch what I am doing. My gym doesn’t have a great mirror selection.

Sunday: I made sure to get to the pool right after the Masters swim time was over so that I could get my swim done! I had 3,600 yards. I nailed every interval time except one, but I was only 1 second off so that could have been a delay in me hitting the stop button on my Garmin… I am going with that excuse. I had 3×400, 3×300, 3×200, and 3,100 with a 500 warmup and a 100 cool down. It feels so good to nail the time intervals. I love my speed! It’s awesome. After my swim Mark and I headed to Toggenburg to ski. The weather started to get nasty (as it always does in Syracuse) and the light was really flat. We didn’t last too long but at least we got some runs in. I can’t wait for our vacation.. real mountains, sunshine, I won’t want to come home!

Ironman Training Week 17 Totals:

Swim: 10,150 yards <– damn!

Bike: 7 hours 40 minutes

Run: 3.30 hours

Strength: About 2.5 hours ish.

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