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Final Workouts of a Tough Week

Oh Saturday. My long ride day. Why don’t I just wake up early when I have no idea what I am doing and get on my bike and finish my ride? Well I got up a little later in the morning and hung around with my ride looming over my head. A little after 12:00… Continue reading Final Workouts of a Tough Week

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Tuesday – Thursday Wrap Up

Oops. I failed again. It’s Sunday night and I am just sitting down to type a few posts up. Maybe it can be my New Year’s Resolution to be better at typing posts! I am sure I am forgetting things that happened during my workouts that I would like to remember or have you all… Continue reading Tuesday – Thursday Wrap Up

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Registration Transfered

I had an appointment with my orthopedic doctor yesterday. I love my doctor and his office. The appointments are always quick and efficient. I waited probably ten minutes and then was called for my appointment. Doctor did x-rays right away. There was nothing alarming on my tibia, but there was a little something (not sure… Continue reading Registration Transfered