Ironman Training Summary

Ironman Training Week 18 Summary

You know it was a crappy week when the laundry is full of “real” clothes instead of sweaty sports bras, cycling shorts, etc. There isn’t that much to say this week. I had another crappy sick week. I swear I have been been sick so many times during the winter. I just can’t catch a break this year. I was so exhausted Monday, I felt terrible. Then I just continued to get worse. I didn’t go to work on Wednesday. I started to feel a little bit better by Friday evening for my swim. Matt rearranged my whole week for me. He must think I am a pain in the ass! I seem to be always having an issue.

Monday: Nadda.

Tuesday: Nadda, again. I felt like a blob.

Wednesday: I HAD to do something or I was going to lose my marbles. I did 60 easy minutes on the bike. I also ran 45 minutes very, very easily and I lifted. I still felt like garbage but I didn’t want to go three days without sweating.

Thursday: Easy 60 minute ride in the morning. I had a work get together after work so that’s why I lifted Wednesday night.

Friday: Easy 45 minute run. Nothing exciting, still felt like crap. I had a 3,700 yard swim after work. I assumed it was going to suck but it didn’t. No timed intervals (thanks, Matt). It went pretty well and I felt like I was coming back to life.

Saturday: 2:30 minute long ride. It’s amazing that 2:30 seems so short compared to the 3:00 rides that I have been doing every Saturday! It went good. I was really thirsty. I think I was super dehydrated from the week. It’s hard to drink when its *2 outside. It’s also hard to drink when I am pretty sure it’s warmer outside than in my office! After my ride I ran for 50 minutes. This is where I felt back to 99%. I ended the last 10 minutes between 8:00-7:30, slowly inching my way up towards the end. It felt so good to feel strong again.

Sunday: 2,900 yard swim. That seems so short compared to all the 4,000 yard swims I am tortured with. It went well. Lots of shorter intervals. 100’s, 75’s 50’s 25’s and some drills, sighting, breathing work. I averaged about 1:32 for the workout so, not bad at all coming off a crappy week! I was supposed to lift, I even had my clothes packed but my sister’s tennis match went WAY longer than expected, so it didn’t happen. Sometimes life wins over triathlon and that’s okay.

Ironman Training Week 18 Totals:

Swim: 6,600 yards

Bike: 4:30 hours

Run: 2.3 hours

Strength: About an hour.

Crappy week. I didn’t let it get me down that much. Last week was supposed to be my off week but Matt and I thought that charging ahead until my vacation (hello March 12th) would work. It didn’t exactly work. With all the germs floating around I was just more open to getting sick. Lesson learned, onto the next week, which is a short one as Mark and I head out west on Thursday! Matt did decide to torture me this week but I am looking forward to cranking out 3 tough days.

Things I am looking forward to this week… Running outside after work! It stays light until 7p.m. now. I never thought the time would come. I am so stoked I can do my run outside Tuesday. I am also so excited for our vacation! I need it, badly.

Things I am not looking forward to: I am bringing Mark to the airport tomorrow morning, at 4:00 a.m. at least I will be at the gym.. BEFORE IT EVEN OPENS! I am also not looking forward to my early flight on Thursday at 5:45 a.m. At least we get to our destination by 11:56 a.m. Mountain Time!

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