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Foot Strain and My First Post!

I have toyed with the idea of writing a blog. I am a huge fan of twenty-five plus healthy living and fitness related blogs. I have been on Instagram for a while and have “met” a lot of great people. My cousin actually told me that I should start a blog so that I can write more about my life than just what fits on Instagram.

I guess I can write all about myself at another time, but for starters, today I am nursing a strained muscle on the bottom of my foot. I have no idea where the strain came from! It is mentally draining me. I haven’t ran since my long run on Saturday. I keep trying to remember if anything happened. I don’t think it did. The only part of my run that stands out is running MANY hills. I was in Lake Placid over the weekend and wanted to get some miles on the Ironman Lake Placid marathon course.

My husband showed up at my office with a lacrosse ball to work the muscles on my foot and a smoothie from my favorite place, Red Mango.

I am going to hope for the best at marathon speed work tonight. We have short speed intervals, 200 meters on, 200 meters off. I am not sure the number of times, yet. Cross your fingers that my foot holds up!

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